Day Care

Day Care dogs spend the day on our fenced 3-acre property on the Westside of Olympia.  There's plenty of room inside and out for playing, napping, digging, sniffing, and all the other fun things dogs like to spend their day doing.

Group Walks

The day care group goes on an off-leash walk each weekday, when they can run, play, explore and be dogs together.  Only well-socialized dogs with off-leash experience come along, and we go only to trails and walking areas that are free from traffic and other hazards.


Fuzzy Faces offers overnight boarding services in our home - space is very limited as we want every dog to get all the room and attention he or she needs.   Some dogs like to sleep with us in our bed, some on the couch, and some in their own beds - but everyone gets a special soft place of their own.  Boarding dogs who are experienced off-leash also go along on the day care group walks during the week.


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